29th April 2017 Danny Thomas

New Beginnings

The last few months of my photography journey have been filled with looking at how far I’ve come, where I am and where I want to go. It’s easy to get lost in your photography and lose direction or become overwhelmed which is where I was heading after completing most of the goals I had set when I first picked up my own camera. So it was definitely time for me to do some soul searching and decide on my future path as a photographer and here it is…

One of my first goals when I started experimenting seriously with photography was to try every type of photography going to see what I was good at and more importantly what inspired me the most. Having completed that goal I realised it was time to focus my photography in a direction that suits my style and tastes best.

That thought process made me realise that I really needed to take stock of where I’m at and where I want to be which led into a two month long brainstorming session evolving lots of long walks (without the camera), night drives and hours of coffee shop notebook sessions planning a new beginning for my photography.

After the initial brainstorming, I began stripping my photography back to a raw shell which i could then build back into something more focused, structured and manageable. I then put together a business plan of sorts for Danny Thomas which details my mission goals, my values, what I want to shoot and what I will offer. All of this will be written about in more detail in future posts.

So now I have a clear vision of Danny Thomas in my head it’s time to launch it on the world starting with my new website that you are reading this post on. The website will act as my home base online showcasing my portfolio, housing my blog and of course being my premier point of contact.

In the coming weeks I will be launching my YouTube channel which will offer photography and editing tutorials along with guides on such topics as how to promote photography online and build a following.

Off the back of Danny Thomas I want to launch several photography related businesses which I feel will add value to other photographers whether they live in the UK or worldwide, so stay tuned for those ideas to be launched in the coming months.

As you can see the last few months have been a busy time but now everything in place I’m looking forward to the future and where it leads. Hopefully you’ll come on the journey with me…

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