12th May 2017 Danny Thomas

Speed Edit #1 – Sunset over Queens Dock, Liverpool using Lightroom

I’m excited to finally kickstart my YouTube Channel with the upload of my first video, which is the first in a series of speed edits i’m looking to do using Lightroom and Photoshop which will show my editing workflow in some cool bite size videos.

This speed edit shows me editing a beautiful sunset over Queens Dock in Liverpool which a shot a few weeks ago. It was actually shoot from my hotel window just before I made my way out for a night shoot. The entire edit is done in Adobe Lightroom using my normal editing workflow and is a taster of whats to come on my YouTube Channel – Link here

So without further a do here it is…

Hope you like the video, if you did please like, comment and subscribe to my channel. I will be uploading lots more videos like this along with full editing tutorials and other cool photography and editing style videos.

So be sure to stay tuned.

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